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Waffle Reuben

Ross Wolin - last updated 2015.7.2

Waffle Reuben

Every once in the planets align and culinary greatness happens... other times, well, there's stuff like this.


  • Waffle
  • Corned beef or pastrami
  • Swiss or cheddar cheese
  • Two eggs
  • Sauerkraut
  • Thousand Island Dressing

How To

Waffle MakerI'm a huge fan of homemade Belgian waffles, which can easily made with affordable Oster waffle foundry or equivalent. Waffle batter is a simple incantation, found in any basic cookbook, and left as an exercise for the student. (I've always wanted to be the one to say that...) If you don't have access to a mystical and wonderous waffle creation device, in a pinch you could also slide by with Eggos Homestyle frozen waffles, etc... at your own risk of course.

Toaster OvenWhen using a homemade waffle minted from the foundry, I found it a good idea to initially toast it to firm it up (my weapon of choice bearing the Black and Decker brand... because hey, if you can make power tools, a toaster oven should be a snap right?) Lightly brown the waffle before beginning your reuben engineering. Part of my reason for this is that often the waffle was left over from breakfast and starting to soften, such is the toll of living alone with a batter recipe for 2-3 waffles.

Toaster OvenAfter lightly browning your waffle reuben foundation support layer, it's time to start earnest construction. I begin with a base of grated cheese (swiss for reuben traditionalists, I also like sharp cheddar), trying to add a cheese plane thick enough to get some in every waffle hole when melted, but not overflow. After you lay down your cheese, add two folded pieces of corned beef (for purists) or pastrami, covering the cheese layer, then place into the toaster oven, maybe around 300 degrees or so to melt the cheese and heat the meat.

Fried Eggs At this juncture timing is everying (don't sweat it, we are talkin' an entre, not rocket surgery) Fry two eggs long enough to get the whites firm enough to flip, but leave the yolks runny. If the planets align, you will be pulling your waffle with melted cheese and warmed meat out of the toaster oven at exactly the same time your eggs are ready and Bob's your uncle... if your timing is slightly off, well, put on your big boy pants and figure it out. Your goal is to have the runny eggs wind up on top of the warmed meat and melted cheese.

Waffle Reuben Finish off your ad-hoc sandwich erection by spreading a thin layer of Thousand Island dressing (don't go overboard!), then adding a nice sauerkraut roof --- now it's eatin' time!

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