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Pentomino Smackdown: Names That Didn't Make the Cut

Pentomino Smackdown:
Names That Didn't Make the Cut

I'd just finished my two player Pentominoes iPad app and was ready to submit it for review, when I realized my demon code spawn did not have a proper appellation. So I poured myself some hop based brain lubricant and set to work brainstorming.

I only blame myself for these

Pentomino Steel Cage Match
Pentomino Dogfight
(Get Ready to) Pentomino Rumble
Pentomino Melee
Pentomino Battle to the Death
Pentomino Grudge Match
Combat Pentominoes
Pentomino Skirmish
Pentomino Carnage
Pentomino Rivalry
Pentomino Feud
Pentomino Face-Off
Pentomino Bout
Pentomino Slugfest
Pentomino Brawl
All Out Pentomino Nuclear Attack
Head to Head Pentominoes
Grappling Pentominoes
Pentomino Shoot Out
Shoot out at the Pentomino Corral
Pentominoes in Iraq
Pentominoes: One on One
Go for the Pentomino Jugular
Clash of the Pentominoes
Dog Eat Dog Pentominoes
Pentomino Confrontation
Tête-à-tête Pentominoes (hey, Space Castle 3D is huge in France! =)
Mano-a-Mano Pentominoes
Glorious Pentomino Asskicking
Pentominoes Battle Royal
Raging Pentominoes
Is that a Pentomino in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
What, do you think I'm made out of Pentominoes?
Pentomino Brouhaha
Pentomino Pandemonium (let's hear it for alliteration!)
In Your Face Pentominoes
Throw down the Pentomino Gauntlet
I see your Pentomino and raise you twenty
Put up your Pentomino Dukes
Knock-down-drag-out Pentominoes
Pentomino Riot
Pentomino Smackdown (Yes, we have a winner!)
Pentomino Showdown
Pentomino Punch Out
Super Pentomino Duel
Quit looking at my Pentomino
Total Pentomino Domination

... but those weren't bad enough, I couldn't leave well enough alone

Pentomino Challenge
Competition Pentominoes
Head to Head Pentominoes
Battle Pentominoes
Pentomino Battle
Pentomino War

Then my brother offered to help ....

Dueling Pentominoes
Pentomino Duel
Mr. Pentomino Head
Pentominoes for Two
Dual Pentominoes
Pentomino Dual or Duet
Pentominoes for Two then Sex Later
Sexy Pentominoes for Two
MF Dueling Pentominoes
Two Player Pentominoes
I Got Your Pentominoes Right Here
Sponge Bob Square Pants Pentominoes for Two
Beyonce Plays Pentominoes for Deux
Jacques Cousteau's Under Water World Pentominoes
I Like Petominoes in June. How About You?
Osama's Favorite Cave Game
Two Player Pentominoes: Block Your Opponent
Pentominoes for Pirates: AARGH!
XXX Penthouse Pentominoes
Enough Already with the Pentominoes!

BradW made a contribution...

Pent Up Minnows
Pentominos Panda Moni Yum

When there's a problem, Binky can't help but attack it

Eat pentominos, shit victory
Global Thermonuclear Pentomino War
Buy This iPad app or so help me I'll set your house on fire
I can't believe it's not pentominos!
Pentominos Yum
It's Better than Nickelback

.. and finally, ChuckB wraps it up with

It's not Tetris!

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