Super Scorepad

Super Scorepad
Super Scorepad Lite

created by Wolin Labs

Do you play cards? Board games? Golf? Dice? Dominos? With Super Scorepad you can use your iPhone or iPad to score any game that involves adding and subtracting columns of numbers, without searching for pencil and paper.

Keep score for any number of players: larger scorepads scroll both horizontally and vertically with drag gesture. Create and store any number of scorepads for different games and recall them by name at a later date. Zoom larger/smaller font with the pinch gesture (Android version.)

How to Keep Score

Add to player's score by tapping the column and pressing plus button.

Update score

Enter player's score with keypad or wheels.

Enter score

If you misenter a score, tap it to turn it orange, then press the edit button.

Highlight cell

Use the keypad to modify the score, delete it, or insert another score.

Modify score

Super Scorepad Lite is a fully functional free ad supported version of Super Scorepad.

  • Full version of Super Scorepad has no ads, the scorepad fills the screen.
  • Full version runs iOS versions older than 4.0

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