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iPhone/iPad and Android Applications

Mystic Photo Cube Mystic Photo Cube (iPhone/iPad)

Interactive virtual photo cube displays your photos. Touch the cube to rotate, zoom, or spin it. Create cube images from photos on your device, or acquire photos directly from camera (camera equipped devices only.)

Super Scorepad Super Scorepad (iPhone/iPad, Android)

Do you play cards? Board games? Golf? Dice? Dominos? Use your iPhone or iPad to score any game that involves adding and subtracting columns of numbers, without searching for pencil and paper.

Cricket Scorepad Cricket Scorepad (iPhone/iPad, Android)

Score the popular darts game of Cricket using simple and intuitive taps. Quickly save and recall multiple matches.

Space Castle 3D Space Castle 3D (iPhone, iPad)

3D space shooter inspired by Star Castle, an 80s arcade classic. Your goal's simple: blow up the meteor cannon in the center. But the cannon's protected by three rotating shells comprising the Castle. Nestled within the Castle, the cannon slowly tracks your every move and fires through any holes you make through all three Castle shells, so aim carefully and keep moving!

3D Slider Puzzle 3D Slider Puzzle (iPhone, iPad)

Virtual 3D version of the classic slider puzzle pits you against six interconnected puzzles. Touch to rotate, zoom, or spin. Flick pieces to move them and solve the puzzle. Customize with your own photos.

Black to White Black to White (iPhone/iPad)

Intriguing virtual render of classic Black to White word puzzle. Zoom, rotate, and manipulate puzzle with touch gestures to swap the purple and yellow words. Choose various word pairs. Compete for minimum moves using integrated move counter.

Pentomino Smackdown Pentomino Smackdown (iPad)

Two player game of strategy and spacial relations, based on the famous Pentominoes puzzle. Tantalizing, thought provoking adaptation of Pentomino Challenge game created by James Follete.

Mystic Puzzle Stick Mystic Puzzle Stick (iPhone/iPad)

Virtual version of classic four cube puzzle. Rotate cubes to get four different colors/images in each row. Zoom and rotate puzzle or cubes with natural, intuitive touch gestures. Choose from various image skins or customize puzzle with your own photos.